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Places of Interest - Karangasem


The former capital has a similar name to the name of the regencies but it changed into Amlapura after the eruption of Mounnt Agung in 1963. Like other regencies in Bali, Javanese influenced customs can still be found in some villages in Karangasem, however, it is richer in variety and maybe as older. The royal family became independent from Gelgel after challenging them in the early 1700s. When South Bali was conquered in the early 1900s by the Dutch, Karangasem was only supervised.

Agung, Mount

For Balinese, Mount Agung is the geographical and religious center of the world. Mount Agung, its highest peak. With an elevation of 3,014 meters above sea level, the Bali's highest peak can be climbed between 5 to 8 hours. It is suggested to climb with a guide and consider not wise to climb during religious ceremonies take place in Besakih temple that located six kilometers below on the southwest slope. The last big eruption of the active volcano was in 1963 that cause big disaster.


If you travel from Amlapura, Amed is situated before Tulamben and also a known as a diving spot that has shipwreck located just 10 meters away from the shore. Beside diving, snorkeling or sailing, some nice tracking can be done through the hill. For the local, fishing and sea-salt panning is still the main income resource. The small road along the cost that also goes to Amlapura via Seraya Kangin and Ujung offer a fascinating view of the cost but about 20 kilometers of the road is considerably bad for small wheel vehicle.

Balina, Beach

A simple, quiet resort with a nice wide black sandy beach and tame waves. Diving excursions in a marine reserve offshore, go for night fishing with local fishermen using lantern or hike the beautiful hillside northwest of the area would be a highlight of your stay here.

Besakih, Temple

Missonary of Danghyang Markandeya, a priest credited with introducing the tradition of daily offerings and the concept of a single god, is claimed to be the founder of the Besakih temple in the 8th century, Bali's biggest and holiest temple. Divided into about 22 separate sanctuaries, it consist over 60 temples and 200 distinct structures. Each caste and kin group, as well as various sects, artisan guilds, and aristocratic families, maintains its own sanctuary.

Candidasa, Beach

A slow and friendly beach resorts and can be a perfect base to explore all over east Bali as most tourist amenities are available here. Huge horrendous T-shaped concrete breakwaters were built to prevent erosion, which becomes an essential problem since 10 years ago.



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